Water dispensing technology

Thanks to the technological performance of absolute value of microfiltration systems, Cem Industries water cooler dispensers, allows you to always have fresh, pure and genuine water ready to be consumed immediately, still or sparkling, to your taste and with the level of effervescence you prefer. Cem Industries water coolers represent the maximum expression of technology and Made in Italy design: they are designed and manufactured with high quality eco-friendly materials, to meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

Cem Industries offers a wide range of refrigerating, purifying and carbonating coolers able to meet any need, both in household and professional field: functional, highly performing and exclusive products born from  20 years of passion, research and constant innovation.

Buying a Cem Industries water refrigerator means not only drinking responsibly and genuinly, but also making an important and environmental friendly gesture for the preservation and sustainability of our planet. Abandoning the plastic bottles in favor of a product made with eco-friendly materials is a choice of love, respect and responsibility towards the environment around us.