Tailor-made solutions

Cem Industries is characterized by the continuous search for innovative solutions that are developed in-house or in collaboration with qualified partners.
We are able to offer a high-quality service, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market segments: water coolers, pre-mix and post-mix units, beverage dispensing columns. It is this knowledge that allows us to understand each customer's specific needs and propose them the best solution. Our professionalism and the quality of our products allow us to share the project with our customers, a real co-design where our know-how and theirs meet to achieve the best final solution.

Customized columns

Among the famous brands in the beer sector, Carlsberg - the third largest beer producer - started a close collaboration with us. For Carlsberg, we have designed GRIMBERGEN KRONENBOURG K-1664 with custom logos and illuminated with LED lights.

Moreover, Cem Industries has created and patented the FAST-BEER system which delivers and bottles beer in glass or PET containers, directly at the store. This is an Active Green product created to safeguard the environment. It can also be applied to pre-existing dispensing equipments, allowing to improve their usability maximizing their efficiency.


Version with countertop fixing system or clamp. Customised logo illuminated with LED lights.


Version with countertop fixing system or clamp. Customised logo illuminated with LED lights.

FAST-BEER system

Created and patented by Cem Industries to dispense and bottle beer in glass or PET containers.


In addition to the wide selection of cooling and carbonation units for purified mains water with special microfiltration systems, we also designed a built-in unit. It is a built-in dispenser that responds to the need to have unlimited amounts of still and sparkling fresh water in a limited space. This was a co-design project shared with Electrolux, a global leader in home professional appliances. The Built-in Cem Industries unit has a neat and technological design and can be integrated in modern and trendy design kitchens. Like all built-in dispensers, the one designed in collaboration with Electrolux uses a water microfiltration system that has been approved by the Ministry of Health.