Products range

Cem Industries is one of the leading companies in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative dispensing and refrigeration systems of drinks such as water, beer, wine and soft drinks for both domestic and professional use.


Water coolers

The range of Cem Industries products is characterized by a wide selection of cooling and carbonating units for mains water that make it safe and high-quality, purified with specific microfiltration systems. All Cem Industries dispensers of microfiltered water are connected to the mains and produce pure water, ready for drinking, still or sparkling, with the desired level of effervescence. You can also choose the handy option of hot water for tea, herbal teas and coffee.


Microfiltration is done through special active carbon filtration systems, certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, included in the unit, that can improve the organoleptic characteristics of the supplied water by preserving important nutrients. The complete range of Cem Industries water dispensers boasts a clean and modern Italian design, high performance, and ease of use. The units compact size allows easy installation of both options: countertop or undercounter.


Installation is quick and easy, you only need a 230V / 50Hz outlet and a connection to the water supply; to ensure the best performance we recommend that you schedule periodic maintenance. This depends on your water consumption and is easy and cheap. There are many advantages for the end-user in using a Cem Industries water dispensing and cooling system:

  • purity and freshness of the dispensed water, always ready for unlimited use, with no worries about the stocks, at home or at the warehouse
  • guaranteed quality of the dispensed water thanks to several daily checks carried out by the operators of the water management agencies and by additional active carbon filtration systems, certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, which can improve the organoleptic characteristics of the supplied water by preserving valuable nutrients
  • less time wasted and less fatigue, because you don't need to purchase heavy packages of mineral water bottles
  • significant savings resulting from the lower cost of tap water with respect to bottled water and lower costs in the production, packaging, transport and disposal of packaging materials such as glass and plastic
  • less space and time needed to store water bottle packs in warehouses and refrigerators
  • no action required for the management and disposal of empty containers
  • preservation of the environment thanks to the limited use of plastic bottles which, in turn, reduces environmental pollution

Designed using recyclable materials and equipped with devices that reduce power consumption, Cem Industries fridge carbonators are in line with the Green Philosophy that the company has always been pursuing to encourage maximum respect for the environment.


The range of Cem Industries water dispensers is divided into:

Pure Touch series, the ultimate expression of high-tech modern and contemporary design. This series features a high level of technology, with touch screen devices and cutting-edge electronic systems for volumetric dosing, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The Classic series is the result of Cem Industries research and experience. It includes a wide selection of models, designed to meet all needs in both domestic and professional use, characterized by a simple and neat design, by functionality and efficiency. Unique and exclusive products that are the result of nearly two decades of passion and knowhow.

Water Homes, from the ancient concept of "fountain", includes a series of Water Homes, specifically dedicated to the consumption of water in outdoor public places. Born from the idea of promoting a responsible culture of water drinking, paying great care to man's needs and to the needs of the environment, the Cem Industries Water Home is a valuable resource for the whole community which ensures an unlimited supply of pure water always available, ready for instant consumption, still or sparkling, as you prefer.


Pre-mix and post-mix units

From Cem Industries long-standing experience, a complete range of pre-mix beverage cooling and dispensing units for beer and wine. A wide selection of innovative technological and patented solutions, manufactured in compliance with the main rules for perfect tapping.


This range includes a big variety of countertop and undercounter units, available in different models and versions depending on the intended use, completely customizable to meet all of our customers' needs. Always attentive towards the trends of an ever-changing market, Cem Industries is a reliable partner for the largest beverage manufacturers at international level and offers high-performance products with innovative energy-saving solutions based on latest-generation eco-friendly refrigerants (R290).


The series of pre-mix units is completed by a wide choice of tapping accessories needed for the unit installation such as as columns - available in various models and with tailor-made solutions, taps, pressure reducers, bases, standard and custom trays, maintenance equipment and a wide range of fittings to meet specific installation requirements.


Beverage dispensing columns

For almost 20 years our goal has been to produce modern and creative beverage dispensing systems, where the high level of aesthetics and technology is consistent with the design concepts of the most demanding customers. The range of Cem Industries beverage tapping columns celebrates the excellence of Made in Italy and Italian culture with a wide selection which includes the most representative ans stylish models available on the international scene.


Projects of high-end tapping columns which are distinguished by the richness of their aesthetic innovations and by the precious materials they are made of, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, porcelain resin and special alloys available in a wide choice of finishes. Stylistic research enhanced by our extraordinary passion for quality, attention to detail and precious manufacturing. In line with the highest international standards required in terms of quality and performance, with a strictly made-in-Italy production, Cem Industries tapping columns represent a real long term investment which will ensure you perfect state-of-the-art beverage dispensing units.