Fast Beer System

FAST BEER is an innovative system for the dispensing and bottling of beer in glass or PET containers, directly at the point of sale, created and patented by Sodastream Professional.

The concept has its origin in the need of filling plastic or glass containers directly at the point of beer dispensing creating huge benefits in terms of environment protection, quality and high-visibility of the product, sales potentialities of very special beers, last but not least, big costs reduction.
The system called “Fast Beer” and “Original Fast Beer” has been created to offer the possibility to fill without the presence of the foam, allowing people to enjoy their favourite drink with friends at home or in the pub. The beer, drawn from the classic stainless steel kegs, or the new Pet containers or directly at the production sites in the micro-breweries, is pushed to the FAST BEER in a natural way and without the need of increasing the backpressure (with the risk to supersaturate the beer), preserving its organoleptic qualities.

Downloard "Depliant Fast Beer 2016"