Style, without forgoing performance

Over the past years, throughout the length and breadth of the globe, we have witnessed the sudden growth of craft beer consumption. Its character, so unique and different depending on the “philosophy” of the producer, conquered even the most curious and demanding beer lovers, namely those who travel from brewery to brewery to unveil the latest news. Not only can people drink it on the spot, they can also take it and savor it at home.

We want to support Beverage professionals with their daily activities, which is why we have created Fast Beer Craft Version, product with an innovative design that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the most elegant breweries. Style, without forgoing performance: the system preserves the freshness and authenticity of beer at the moment of bottling. A technological solution for the operators who live their job with passion and wish to offer their customers a real sensory experience.

 Find out all the characteristics of Fast Beer family by CEM INDUSTRIES.

Fast Beer - Craft Version