According to Bargiornale the Future of Beverage is Fast Beer by Sodastream Professional

“Patented by Sodastream Professional, Fast Beer tap offers the possibility to rapidly fill glass or PET bottles. Available with manual or automatic venting valve, the tap allows air to quickly exit from the bottle, letting in beer from kegs without the use of extra CO2. This process reduces considerably beer oxidation inside the corked bottle. As a consequence, the product lasts longer and can be served at the table or as take-away. With the addition of a simple adapter Fast Beer becomes a regular beer tap.”

In the last edition of Bargiornale our Fast Beer was chosen by journalist Rodolfo Guarnieri as example of technological innovation for the Beverage sector. This recognition makes us proud, because to all of us at Sodastream Professional all that matters is manufacturing new and functional products, to help professionals of the sector work every day in the best possible conditions.

Today we wish to renew this agreement with all the people who, over the years, have chosen and keep choosing our technology. We will follow this direction, without ever resting on our present laurels, but focusing on next request to satisfy and on next objective to achieve.