C.E.M. Frigoriferi s.r.l. was established in 1997, a family owned company dedicated to the production, repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. In 1998, relying on its experience in the world of industrial refrigeration, the company evolves and specializes in the production of high-tech beverage dispensing equipment with high-end engineering components, changing its name to CEM Industries srl. In the same year the first dispenser of natural, still and sparkling microfiltered water is launched.

CEM Industries quickly becomes one of the internationally recognized leading brands and an important OEM partner for global manufacturers of appliances for the home and for the most famous breweries, for which the company implements customized technical solutions.

In 2011 CEM Industries is acquired by SODASTREAM INTERNATIONAL LTD, the largest global brand in the field of carbonated beverages for domestic use, with the aim of creating a new professional division within Sodastream dedicated to the Business-to-Business channel.

In July 2017 SODASTREAM PROFESSIONAL adopted the company name CEM INDUSTRIES and joined BEVCO, the group holding which has formed a unique industrial hub in the world in the beverage dispensing sector together with WATERLINE, AMG and PLASTIK.

Today, Cem Industries is a leading company in the international market and it offers the widest range of beverage dispensing, refrigeration and carbonation systems for both domestic and professional use.

Our challenge continues with a vision of non-stop growth in a constantly changing global market.