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FAST BEER is an innovative system for the dispensing and bottling of beer in glass or PET containers, directly at the point of sale*, created and patented by Cem Industries.
It is an Active Green product, created to protect the environment.
It eliminates the need for transportation on wheels, environmental pollution cause, and it reduces the storing necessity for a large quantity of cans and bottles in cumbersome refrigerators which, being always turned on, feature high energy consumption.

Dispensed from common stainless steel kegs or, in the case of microbreweries, directly from production, beer keeps at maximum its freshness and authenticity.

The system can also be combined with pre-existent cooling and dispensing systems, enhancing their utilization with excellent results.

The filling is very fast, it is possible to fill a 1-liter bottle in 40 seconds. A specific technology, designed and patented by Cem Industries, eliminates foam in excess and allows to perfectly bottle all kinds of beer without wastes.

FAST BEER, like standard beertaps, is provided with a shank to support advertising plate holders and a replaceable and customizable handle.

If glass bottles are used, a specific adapter will be provided on request.

* When permitted by the regulations in force in the specific country.

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