In our R & D department, a team of qualified engineers dedicates to the design of new products, from the initial project to the development of the finished product, with the aid of modern design software and three-dimensional photographic modeling.

A fast prototyping service allows us to create product samples in the pre-production phase so that we can evaluate in advance and with great precision the product functionality and technical performance.

The continuous search for innovative solutions and the optimization of the existing ones is supported by latest-generation computerized tools.

An innovative climate chamber allows to perform combined tests on temperature and humidity, simulating the most varied climatic and electrical conditions enabling us to propose solutions that meet the most diverse requests we receive from all over the world.

Our entire production is characterized by the use of materials that comply with the highest international standards in terms of quality and safety and is supported by highly advanced production technologies.

A rigorous system of quality management ensures the continuous monitoring of all manufacturing and business processes.

Our intention is to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of our drink dispensing and cooling systems .