We apply to all our business processes and products a strict environmental policy focused on values like environmental sustainability and responsible behavior. Our Green Philosophy is realized in the production of water cooler with low energy consumption, made with eco-friendly materials and last generation environmentally frindly gas. Created to promote the consumption of tap water to reduce de environmental impact, all Cem Industries cooling water system minimize the consumption of plastic and glass bottle for mineral water, allowing the protecion of our natural resources in favor of a better future.

Promotion of a helathy lifestyle in favor of responsable behavior
We care about the health of the human begain and we have always promoted a healthy and balanced lifestyle based on correct nutrition. Drinking water supplied by a Cem Industries dispensers means drinking safe, high-quality water, subjected to regular checks and purified by special filtration systerm, certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, capable of improving its organoleptic features.

We care about our environment and respect it
Cem Industries has always been pursuing a strict environmental policy focused on values of sustainability, environmental protection and responsible behavior, applied to all manufacturing and business processes as well as to the beverage dispensers we manufacture and distribute.